An Oath

On August 12, 2011, I wrote my oath. I remember that semester how I tried to follow it, and some of those things I still implement. Cool.

This is my oath:
From this day forward,
I will do exactly what I want because I want to do it.
I will put on whatever clothes I feel like wearing, and I will wear them proudly without questioning what others think.
I will speak my thoughts.
I will spend time with and be nice to everyone because all people deserve attention.
I will not judge people by their appearance.
I will read instead of watch TV.
When people put a movie on, I will go home and do something else.
I will doodle, even though I am miserable at it.
I will learn something new every day and work to retain it.
I will not waste time with things I don’t want to do.
I will not spend money on fast food, and I will not eat because I am bored.
I will exercise because I like to, not because I have to keep up with the world’s beauty standard.
When possible, I will replace a text message with a phone call.
I will not gossip or complain, even in a rant.
If I need to vent, I will write it down.
If I have an idea, I will write it down.
If I have a story or memory worth preserving, I will write it down.
I will remember who is affected by each choice I make.
I will be conscious of my future, but I will not fear it.
I will not spend precious time online.
I will remember to be patient, humble, and forgiving.
I will know about the lives of my friends because I ask them and truly listen.
I will share something with the world and make a difference.
I will remember who sent me to this earth, and I will remember to thank Him for everything I have been blessed with.


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