Mutterings, the first

In commemoration of the changing of my blog title, I shall redesign my layout using the already designed layouts that my friends have supplied. Thank you, thank you.

Also, I shall begin a segment called “Mutterings” that describe to the rest of the world how
my mind spends each day. From morning till eve, you shall read my every thought…

Beginning now.

Ouch, my leg hurts.
That’s better.
What’s for dinner?
Probably more candy.
I guess water will suffice.
Husband! Where are you? Hiding, again? He does that from time to time. Bike Race under the bed. Booger eating on the patio in the snow. Come on. COME ON. (He doesn’t actually do that.) (Shout out so he doesn’t get mad. Oops.) (Can’t offend the husband.) (Love him dearly.)

Okay. This is already getting boring for me. I can only imagine how dull you are now. I mean how bored you are.

I’ve been doing some thinking about meditating. Meditating about meditating, if you will. And I tried it once. In the bathtub. The goal is to think about one thing, like breathing, or to picture a scene, like the ocean. Focus simply on that one thing. How long can you keep it up? I lasted probably two seconds before I thought about how my knees were getting breezy and what to make for dinner (always food) and what the weather’s like and where’s my book and grad school and I want to write about something and oh yeah, breathing. Shoot. Seriously, though. Try it. Find a quiet place and meditate. Think about not thinking about anything. Let me know how you do.


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