An Oath Revisited

Today and every day for the rest of forever:
I’ll do what I want whenever I want just because I want to. Unless that means killing someone. I’m no murderer.

I’ll dress for me.
I’ll learn to open up and say how I feel.

I’ll be friends with those who need one.
I’ll read lots and lots of books.
I’ll write lots and lots of words. Stories, memories, ideas, vents, wishes, dreams.
I’ll only watch movies when the weather forces me inside. Or when I want to cuddle.
I’ll doodle and scribble and pretend I know how to draw.
I’ll learn news things everyday and try to remember them
If I don’t want to do something, I won’t. Unless it’s for the greater good. Or for my personal good.
I won’t go out to eat unless occasion forces me to or eat when I’m bored
I’ll exercise because I love it and because I want to look hot.

I’ll try new things and be just awfulawfulawful in the beginning.
I’ll write letters every week.

I won’t judge anyone.
I won’t gossip or complain, even in a rant.
I’ll remember the consequences of my actions, but I won’t let them overcome my desire to act.
I’ll prepare for the future.
I’ll set goals.
I’ll use the media to better myself and others. And to find banging recipes and cool pictures and things.
I’ll listen.
I’ll pray and read those cool ancient scriptures and remember who gave me everything and everyone, and I will remember to thank Him for all of it.

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