I finished Life of Pi the other day. Goodgoodgood. Everyone in the world should read it. If everyone in the world read it with the intent to strengthen or gain their testimony in God, the world would be a good place. Naturally, though, some people would read it and take away from it the nonexistence of God. That’s utter nonsense.

God is a real being. He rules the universe. It’s not just ‘something bigger;’ it’s a god. He’s someone that knows me and you and your mother. He knows out needs and wants and, what’s even better, He knows the difference between the two. So he gives us our needs and hopefully our wants are aligned with the things He knows we need. He knows when timing is correct and He’ll stop us if it isn’t.God lives and He loves us. Every single person on this earth and in the heavens is a child of a God, our Heavenly Father. I believe it.

A boy spends 227 days on board a twenty something foot long life boat with an adult Bengal tiger. He survives. What of that? Read it, read it, read it. Read it and believe in God.


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