Happy birthday dear brother Stephen. You’re twenty two and you’re in Cambodia. The family misses you sososo much. We’re going to all be very good friends when you come home. Because we’ll all be home again for at least two months. That’s worth everything, huh? But you’re the bestest brother. After you left for college and then came home again, we all became friends. We started loving each other and playing together and enjoying each other. We’re all so much alike and it makes for good, joke filled conversation. You being gone makes me home sick and it will be so sad to see you go to school far away. I love you, brother.

Today was a homework day. An I feel like throwing up day. A pill for a headache day. A go to bed very early day.

I searched ‘happy’ in the box and eight pages of posts popped up. I searched ‘sad’ and there were no results. Boo ya.

Favorite band.

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