One day soon.

The Hush Sound says it all.
Why do you sing to everybody but me? Why do I let it go on?
You’ve got such a music box song in my head all day long.
You fell for a girl with wild eyes, dressed in satin and lace.
She’s just an empty diamond mine with moan across her face.

I can love you much better
If you can’t see it you’re blind
I can love you much better
And you know someday I’m going to make you mine.

You are the daydream in my eyes, there whenever I wake up
But the colors never crystallize and I never get enough
And while you kiss everybody but me, I just sit back and watch
But one day soon, I’m gonna grab you by the collar
and kiss you all I want!

 Sometimes I paint.

 And this is my ‘during church’ artwork.

I don’t understand how those people on DIY network can redo a whole bathroom in three days. It took me that long just to paint one. Well, I suppose they have more than one person and they probably buy enough paint the first time.


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