It’s a New Year

Generic title followed by a generic post about some generic resolutions for 2016.

What more can you ask for?

From me? Not too much. I’m a college grad working at a desk job that basically anybody could do. I surf Facebook far too much and read all the Buzzfeed articles about cats and Harry Potter and confessions of twenty somethings.

I am a twenty something. I have had a fantastic life with everything I have ever needed handed to me. Needed, though, not wanted. I’ve worked for something things, and I’ve asked for others. I’m privileged. I have nothing to complain about.

I am happy. Most of the time. Some of the time I’m just anxious. For no reason, I worry about wasting my life. Why am I not out more? Why am I not using my office time wisely?

I made some goals. They are basically the same goals that everyone else makes.

-adventure more

-save money

-exercise more

-do happy things

-learn a headstand

-learn the splits

Here’s the first key to goals: split them into categories of Habits and To-Dos. A habit is something like flossing every day. You worry about it every. single. day. A To-Do is something you work towards and accomplish or something you do once. For example: learn a headstand. To-Dos are generally accomplished by creating habits. If my To-Do is to read a book every month, I have to get into the habit of reading every day. If my To-Do is to go to Europe, my habit is to save money. If my To-Do is to do a headstand, I need to practice every day until I can do it.


Yoga, Read, Write, 10000 steps, Remember names, Save money, Take more pictures, Pray.


Save X amount by 2017, Run a half, Run a Spartan, Headstand, Splits, Leave country twice, Read 20 books.

See how the Habits build up to the To-Dos? Habits are the short term goals that build up to the long term. It makes them manageable.

Even manageable goals are useless without the second key to goals: check ups.

The number one reason most New Year’s Resolution are forgotten by January 15th is because people forget about their goals. They slip back into last year’s habits. It’s okay. I do it too. Make that list and put it where you see it every day. Think about them. Focus on one goal this week and a different one next week. Maybe this will help. Maybe it won’t. I made a spreadsheet where I can check in with myself every other week.

I’ve learned through my yoga practices to not compare myself with anyone else, not even myself. I am who I am today at this very moment. Yesterday I was different and tomorrow I will be new again. I have a new chance every day to become who I want to be. Make the decision to be the best you that you possibly can be.

Good luck.

Oh, and after all this rambling, I want to write more this year. And the way to do that is to be held accountable. Here I am, writing more. Crappy or not, here it comes.


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First of all, congratulations. You’re ahead of the game.

Do you know how long most people wait to realize that they’re lost? Do you know many people never do? Do you understand how many people go through their entire lives aimlessly floundering; only to realize at the very end of it that none of what they did was what they wanted? It’s a lot more than you’d think. And most of those people thought they had it all figured out at twenty-three.

After all, it’s not so hard to be found when you are twenty-three years old. There are infinite hoards of people who will tell you what to do and where to go. There are endless opportunities for you to make money and prosper. All you have to do is let go of what you want…

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Research for the murder moves along nicely as I read about mentally insane children who kill their families. I may start dreaming more violent dreams. Please warn my husband.

As far as writing every day goes, vacation makes it slightly difficult. Perhaps, on occasion, reading is more productive than writing. Perhaps.

On Being

It’s been a struggle-filled sort of month where I want to be so many things, but I just can’t get out of bed or off the couch or out of the fridge. I’m a lazy bum more days than not, and I can’t figure out how to motivate myself.

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Explore your world

Yeah, photos are art. Just like words are art. But pictures and words also act as extensions of our memory. And sometimes, that might be more important than art. But how about making words and images double as art and memories? Boo ya.

So while I live in Idaho for the next seven months, I’ll make art and memories. That’s why we live, right? Especially when they’re filled with yellow. Love dat yellow.

Like these…

IMG_6357 IMG_6373 IMG_6385 IMG_6389