Birth Control Diaries

TLDR: They all suck.

Long version: I’ve tried them all (almost). Here’s what I think:

Pill – I can’t stand taking something every single day at the same time every single day. I can’t do it. I’ve only ever lasted like three weeks. Can’t talk about side effects, because I can’t do the daily thing. But I’m pretty sure they didn’t bother me a ton, positively or negatively.

Depo shot – You get a shot every three months, and you’re infertile. Bam. Makes for painful sex and zero emotions. I turned into an asexual robot. Great news was no periods at all. No cycles either. None of the up and down, bloating, acne that comes with ovulation or pms. None of that! It was glorious. I would 10/10 recommend this to anyone with bad periods, endometriosis, or is not sexually active.

Copper IUD – I have bad periods, but this made it 10x worse. Cramps from the depths of hell. Seriously. Don’t do this.

Mirena (hormonal IUD) – No periods! Yayyy! Love it. Emotions are toned down a bit, but I still feel, which is better than the depo shot. It’s given me terrible acne. I’m on spironolactone and Retina-A to try to clear it up. I’m cutting out dairy also to see if that helps. I’m two seconds away from removing the Mirena though.


I might try the pill for a while to get the acne under control, then switch to copper IUD or just nothing. idk.



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