Determined is not a word that I ever use to describe myself. Right along with motivated or passionate. I get easily discouraged and frankly, I’m just lazy. I can stick with something for like a month, 6 weeks tops.

But what I am is creative, easily excited, and always willing to learn. I love to take on the 30-day challenge type things. so I’m going to try a new one each month. So far this year, I’ve done yoga challenges and a drawing of the day challenge. I’m currently in this healthy eating/exercise thing. (4 days into a 6-month stretch. woo.) But coming up…

November is National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo. 30 days of writing. 1667 words per day. 50,000 words total. A novel… well, a mini novel. This is my fourth year. It’ll possibly be the worst year since I don’t even have the slightest clue what I’ll write. Options in my head at the moment: non-fiction biography type thing. short story collection. sci-fi. Harry Potter fanfic.

I’ll attempt to post on here a few times a week some quotes or snippets. Don’t count on it since nanowrimo is (in my head) about writing super crappy novels in way too short a time. But I’ll try. As motivation.

K. Thanks.


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