Oh yeah, and the whole eternity thing.

A few months ago I may have made some super secret promises to a handsome boy. We may have grasped each other by the right wrist and whispered some words. An old man may have twirled his magic wand around, whispering other words and binding us together for eternity through sickness and health, wealth and poverty, adventure and bore.

Brad makes me giggle. He teaches me about cool things. He’s talented, creative, loving, intelligent, adventurous, and everything else that’s good in the world. He’s the only boy allowed by my side as we ride bikes, climb mountains, sail oceans, see stars, become dust.

Special thanks to Brad for being my perfect person and helping plan and execute wedding activities; to my parents and parents-in-law for putting together our soiree, especially to my mother for landscaping our yard, shopping, cooking, cleaning, yardsaling, driving, signing checks, finding helpers, etc.; to Schmezzy, Brit, and Tamara for being my supports, loves, and forever friends; to Jason for his artsy eye; to Aunt Sally for sewing the most gorgeous dress; to Erika for the prettiest flowers; to Sierra for fancifying my hair; to everyone else for everything else; and most importantly, to our Father in Heaven for allowing us to be sealed for ever and ever in his sacred house.

Too cheesy? Sorry. Had to be done.

Here are some pixies of our happy day. The marvelous Jason Lucas, a dear friend of both mine and Brad’s, used his photo-taking machine. Please, please, please visit his website and book him to take your photos. Let the pictures tell you how fantastic he is. Enjoy them, otay?



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