After giving a “don’t yell at me for at least 24 hours” lecture, the professor handed back our literary analyses. That 17-page sob totally got an A-.
Then I remembered everything on my Chinese final. 很好!
Then I got free cookies in the bookstore. (This easily beats everything else.)
Then the dearest Jason Lucas posted my graduation pictures.
Then I hopefully owned the editing final. (I need a perfect score to barely pull an A- in the class. NBD.) (Update: got a 92 percent on the final and an 89.35 percent in the class. Rawr.)
And the sun is shining.
Then turned in Flowering Caroline, my first story based on my dreams, and my teacher is going to love it. (Fingers crossed.)
And it’s my last day of college, and I’m graduating and seeing my family in two days.

Oh yeah, people. God totally loves me today. I mean, He loves me everyday, but He wanted today to go my way. Thanks, buddy. Love you.


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