Fairy Dust

I found this list today. Untitled. Undated. But I’ll give it this title, Think of a Wonderful Thought, and this date, November 14, 2012. They still apply.
Old houses
Grave yards
Sprinklers on bike rides
Children’s laughter
A great, unique chord progression
Alliterations on accident
Biting hard candies
Peppermint ice cream shakes
Free food
Cool dreams
A good mood
An inside joke that no one else understands
A crush on a boy you can never date
A conversation with a stranger
Telling a secret and losing that burden
Kicking over soda cups left in parking lots
Clapping after movies
Finding a secluded spot to blow my nose
Letting go of balloons
Accidentally touching someone’s hand
Freshly brushed teeth
Crossing things off lists
Giggling to myself
Singing to myself
Masking truth with sarcasm

Purposely touching someone’s hand and writing it off as an accident
Warm water
Best friends
Sleeping in


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