Conversations with everyone and their mother go like this:
Them: What are you studying?
Me: English.
Them: Oh do you want to be a teacher or a writer?
Me: Yes, you’re right. Those are the only two options. Unlike when you went to school for construction management. What do you want to be? A manager of construction or unemployed?
False, I don’t actually say that. And people don’t always say it like that. Usually it’s like this:
Them: Oh what do you want to do with that? Teach or write or… (unspoken et cetera.)
And because they silently recognize that there are more options, they aren’t idiots.
But regardless, one does not simply become a writer. There isn’t a magic button that gets pushed when a graduate receives a degree in creative writing.  Oh finally, I’m a college graduate. I studied English and learned how to creatively write. I have books called Story and Imaginative Writing that I can refer to after I’m established.  Now I will start my bestselling novel and make millions. That just doesn’t happen. It starts right now. So write now. Punny?
What I’m getting at is that there’s this awesome thing called Nano Wrimo. I’m going to do it. But I’m not waiting till November. I’m also going to fix my screenplay so it’s something that other people actually might want to read.

Also, I really want a globe.


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