I’m kind of a nerd

The last month of my life was dedicated to rereading all the Harry Potter books, watching all the movies multiple times and making …wait for it…my very own wand.

(Now start reading in  your very favorite Billy May voice.)

Buy now and get a special offer. Usually these very special, one-of-a-kind wands cost 7 galleons but today, and probably for the rest of eternity, you can place your order and pay only thirty dollars (plus shipping and handling, very careful handling). But wait, there’s more! If you order two custom-made wands, you can get the special price of thirty dollars each! Yes, that’s two wands for sixty dollars.

(Your regular in-the-head voice now.)

Really, that’s a steal. But I’m not actually selling them. Maybe I’d consider it… if someone wanted to buy one. I’d make it look cooler. This was my first time with a lathe…


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