That throbbing ache in your head

Apparently the gum that I’ve been chewing since freshman year of high school- Orbit, sweet mint- could be a contributing factor of my almost daily headaches. It uses this sweetener called aspartame that isn’t very good for you. Ridiculous? Yes. This is an outrage.

Other foods that can cause migraines- nuts, chocolate, onions, fresh baked bread, bananas, raisins, chicken livers (bummer, those are my favorite) , yogurt, milk, pepperoni, basically all meat, citrus fruit, MSG, garlic, canned soup, meat tenderizer, fava, lima and navy beans, pea pods, sourdough, seasoning salt, red plums, papaya, passion fruit, canned figs (who eats those?), sour cream, cheese, caffeine, alcohol, buttermilk. My mama also told me to stay away from sugar. What am I supposed to eat now?
For the record, if you have had headaches almost every day for two years and three month, like I have, save yourself and listen to my advice. Eat clean, stay away from processed junk and those foods I listed above. Exercise everyday, even if it’s just a walk to the library, just be active. Go to bed early, 10:30 is a marvelous time for me, and wake up early. Do yoga and neck stretches. Get acupuncture and regular deep tissue massages. And most importantly, don’t kill yourself.
Good luck.


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