Today, I miss the summer. Being free to do as I please and eat watermelon to my bladder’s content. Being cold is great and all, but there’s something about warmth that makes blood run through my heart and brain and belly and toes. Basically, it’s the reason for my existence.

Tomorrow, I will miss freedom to do as I please while I’m confined to the figurative workspace of my mind.

And also, today, or this post at least, I will not be uploading pictures. The little button isn’t working for some strange reason. Bummer. I had some good ones. One was of a very juicy watermelon. Actually, whether or not it was juicy is completely beyond me but I’ve had my fair share of watermelons and in my experience, they’re juicy. Or watery. Hence the name. It’s way past my bed time. Another was of water. The beach kind of water.

Grammar lesson: The difference between past and passed is that one is a thing, the other is a used to be. I passed the car. The car is past the turtle. The car has passed the turtle. The turtle passed the car. The turtle passed the car in the past but now we use engines instead of feet to move us passed the past. Get it? Got it? Good.

And in case you forgot what the countdown is for, it’s the day until the semester ends. Six days left. Woo.


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