Today I love everyone.

Yesterday I hated everyone and everything. Today I love everyone and everything. I’m blessed that my parents and siblings are my best friends. I lovelovelove them. One day I’ll be forced to move out for forever but then I’ll be going to live with my best friend/husband so it’ll be okay then. For now, I’ll stay home as long as possible. Yes.

Oh and I can’t take my medicine anymore because it makes me cranky. It’s either cranky with medicine or cranky with a headache. Of course, cranky with medicine wins but maybe if I try really, really hard, I can push away the goblin in my brain that’s constantly poking at it.

My favorite thing about being in love is that there’s someone to listen to all the stupid things about my useless day. He cares that I had to stop and tie my shoelace and that caused someone to trip over me. He loves listening to that. I miss that.

Warm cocoa on a cold day. But only with marshmallows.
Even if it’s only me.

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