Getting old.

Growing up is weird. Responsibilities, leaving home, learning to love, aches and pains. Mostly though, it’s odd to discover things about myself, things that have always been but things I never noticed. Like my non confrontational nature. Talking to the people that matter about the things that matter is so hard for me. Even being so in love with someone that my tummy aches won’t force me to talk. It’s pansy-ish of me, but it’s hard. Then today I realized that when I’m angry or upset or just bothered, I’m quiet. It’s not that the thoughts aren’t running, it’s just that I’ve reached the point where complaining won’t do me any good (and it never does any good). So today I was quiet. I’m all hot and bothered because I’m upset at myself. Meh.

But maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t speak my mind. Because when the times come that I have the courage to say it, it doesn’t matter anymore. Boo ya.

Things I miss:


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