When they can’t fall asleep at night.

Have you ever wondered how often other people think about you? Yeah, duh. We all do it. While we’re walking down the street, through the grocery store or just sitting in the library, we wonder what people are thinking of us. But that’s not really what I’m talking about here. The question that most comes to mind for me is if other people-not just randoms, but friends- think of me as much as I think about them. Certain people flash through my mind all day. Maybe every few minutes. Am I on their mind as often? Really, it may just be my self-deprecating personality, but I’m pretty positive that no one thinks about me as much as I think of them.
That’s why I want to fall in love and have someone love me back. Then I know I’m on their mind like they’re on mine.  

Post script: Dear you, stop showing up in every single one of my dreams. Thanks.


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