For those of you that don’t know me…

I have these crazy, detailed dreams and I remember they unusually well. Much of the time they set the course of my day. A great dream means a great morning which means a great day. This time the dream was awful. All of my friends went on a trip to my house in California. It wasn’t actually my house but in the dream it was my giant house. So my parents were there and my sister too. One of my friends was taking a shower while I was making a yogurt sandwich. I accidentally spilled some yogurt on the door and in the process of scraping it off, I knocked on the door. The person on the other end yelled, “Seriously?” in a rather frustrated tone. I explained the situation and he was still upset. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that I’m scum. Yeah. Scum. Who says that anymore? Apparently my subconscious does. I chased him around till he agreed to let us talk alone. We were walking and talking and then all of a sudden I was just on the phone with him and he wasn’t saying anything. I was just explained my side of the story. When it was his turn to speak, there was only silence on the other end. I looked at the phone and it wasn’t in a call. I found him next to the spa with everyone else. Then it was time for dinner so we filed over to the table. He was really rude as he grabbed a plate for me and continued this awful attitude for the remainder of the dream.
Basically it was a terrible dream but it’s not true, right? So I have no reason to start my day of bad. Plus, I have no school today. That’s an automatic mood lifter.

You know what’s amazing? I can actually remember so many times this summer that I did something for the first time.


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