Rachel 29

Love as much as you can. Why? Because every time you love and every time you fall in love, your capacity to love grows. Fourteen years old mutter words to each other that they hardly understand but they mean it when they say “I love you” to each other. They mean it as much as they can. Then she turns twenty and whispers is again. She still means it but it means so much more this time. She still may not understand it, and the meaning may have been tweaked by time and experience, but she means it. She loves him. And when the eighty year old couple who has seen their five children grow and have children of their own recite these words to each other, they have a whole new definition. It’s a connotation though, nothing that can be found in a dictionary. They love each other for the times they hated each other. They love because of every last flaw and every imperfection. And they love because they find one another perfect for those flaws. They love each other bigger than the fourteen and twenty year olds because they have loved and loved and their capacity to love is ginormous. So don’t be afraid to fall in love. Yes, it sucks when falling out but it’s necessary for growth.


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