Rachel 26

Things I love about summer and being home:
1. Swimming instead of showering
2. I’ve gotten and received a total of ten text messages today.
3. Going to the beach tomorrow.
4. Going 15 mph over the speed limit and not getting pulled over because everyone else is going just as fast.
5. Waterproof makeup or none at all.
6. Cutting all my holy jeans into shorts.
7. I can tell my mom about my CRAZY dreams and she always gets super interested.
8. Watermelon for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the meals in between.
9. No room in the closet (thanks Bekah) so I’m living out of my suitcase.
10. Having nothing better to do than ‘like’ everything on Jason Lucas’s page while listening to Mumford and Sons after a fantastic homemade dinner of steak and potatoes. I live a good life.
11. The family watching Phineas and Ferb together.
12. Waking up whenever that dang sun feels like streaming through the one broken blind and shining right across my pillow.
13. Doing math at the dinner table with my family.
14. Planning road trips that won’t ever happen.
15. Skype dates with Jason Lucas and T’Jae Thorkelson.
16. Mom talking about pools being the silent killer. Aaron saying ninjas are the silent killer.
17. Throwing carrots at the dinner table.


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