Rachel 21

1. The world was never flat.

2. If you hate it, don’t do it. Don’t be there. Don’t be that. Don’t say it and don’t pretend you like it.

3. If it bothers you once, get over it. If it bothers you twice, punch it in the face.

4. The wind is never a friend, except when you’re flying a kite or sailing.

5. The perfect first kiss is one you don’t expect. It’s one where you don’t have time to be nervous. It’s not on the doorstep after a mediocre or even an excellent date. It’s not during a movie. It’s in broad daylight in the middle of a crowd. It’s in front on the peanut butter in an isle at Walmart. It’s in the park when he grabs you and throws you over his shoulder then swings you around and accidentally finds his lips on yours. It’s a kiss of admiration, not of lust. It’s a short and simple “I love you” when that love seems to matter most. It leaves the receiver utterly confused and both parties completely satisfied and needing nothing more.


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