Rachel 13

1. Okay. I am okay. The snow has melted with exception of the giant piles but I expect those to be around for while. Once the sun starts shining ever day I will be able to handle myself and I’ll be happy. Yes, I know that’s a bad attitude to have. I shouldn’t let the weather affect me so much but it does and I’m sorry. A kid in my class even told me that I have seasonal depression. He got that from two days. One was sunny and warm. I was singing to myself and I was giddy like a little girl with a crush. Then today was gloomy and cold so naturally I was upset. Two accounts of my behavior on two days. Perhaps completely unaltered by the weather. Maybe it was just a bad day that happened to be dark. Who knows? Well, I suppose I do because it was the weather, with a few other circumstances that drove me up the wall. Or down the wall. Either way, today is not the best ever.

2. I definitely still love you. You still pop up in all my dreams, one way or another. You’re still the only one I want to be with but for now friends will have to be good enough. Either it’s you or it’s someone else, not someone better, just someone else.

3. Today is not a good day to be by myself. I need company. Anyone’s company.


One thought on “Rachel 13

  1. Rachey Rach Rachel! If I was there I would soooo keep you company. Anyday. The sun will soon come and brighten up our lives! Hehe love you and miss you!!

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