Rachel 12

1. Usually my dreams with you are completely platonic. Last night was so different. You loved me again. You wanted me to be yours. You kissed me and held me. You paid attention to me. This set me back a couple days in my forgetting process. I still love you as much as I did three weeks ago. There’s nothing more to it. I love you and I will for a long time. Usually these dreams help me and show me that we can just be friends, or spies, or secret agent ninjas. This one told me that I still want to be with you.

2. Well, I registered for classes. Will 18 credits be too much for me to handle? There’s a possibility that my head might explode from that so I might drop one of the online classes. Online classes are awful anyways, right? I’ll see how it goes. I may just be up for the challenge. Or I may just get burnt out faster than normal.

3. I have to go back to school today. So sad because I love being home. Being away from this pretty place makes me homesick and I don’t like being homesick. It makes me want to cry all day long. I don’t, of course. Usually. But this weekend probably filled my need for home and I’ll be able to make it through the last month of the semester. Then I can come home for a while week and get my fill for all spring semester. And spring isn’t nearly as bad as winter semester. In the spring, I can go outside and make lots of friends and get tan again and have fun. Winter is dark and dull.

4. Happy Pi(e) Day!


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