Rachel 4

1. I awoke to an alarm sounding that did not belong to me. Three hours before I was supposed to be, I was wide awake. I could get up and start my day at the deathly hour of six a.m. Instead, I lay in my bed in the heat of a sauna. No apartment should be this hot, even one in subzero temperatures like today. The stairs seemed extra high today as I climbed down in the dark. Morgan slept on the couch again. It seems like someone is always sleeping on that couch. Maybe they somehow spill a box of nails on their beds each night and are too tired to pick up the mess. Their loss. Beds are much more comfortable. Meanwhile, my eyes were lead by the dim microwave light to the thermostat. Did it say 65? I must have a fever or something. There is no way it’s only 65 in here. No, that’s just my blurry morning eyes. 85?! Yes, that’s a bit closer to reality. Who on earth set the thermostat to 85? Luckily, the little devil of heat only had a chance to raise itself to 77 before I caught it. Devil ran out the door chased by Mr. Frost.

2. Upstairs was still boiling and only opening the window to the other extreme. 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind chill drops it down to negative 19. That bloody wind that makes this God forsaken town deadly for any unprotected face. It chips off bit of skin from vulnerable faces of college students walking from sociology building on south campus to the music building as far north as possible. Those poor folks will return home to their loved ones without noses. I hoped they are still loved by their shallow partners, for their sake

3. Now here I sit in my bed at seven in the morning and all I can do it write. The wind honestly would take my head clean off it I dared step out that door. So I won’t. Today is a self declared ditch day.Who would really expect me to go to class when the weather website looks like this?


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