Rachel 3

1. Sometimes to understand other people you must understand yourself first.

2. Writing is good. But my original idea to write in scripture format has proved, through this experience, to be much harder than I expected. I could just put a number in front of each paragraph but somehow it just isn’t the same. Please do realize that some of these “verses,” if you will, are not my words but rather those of people famous for reasons I don’t care to know. Maybe he/she is was the last to escape from Azkaban and that is why he/she is famous. Respectable reason, I must admit. I’m a tad jealous at that fact. But let’s all be honest here, you are too.

3. Anyways. Sunday is today and today is Sunday. That means nap time.

4. It’s a weird feeling when the hypothetical is no longer just a dream. It’s actually going to happen now.


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